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From the beaches of California, to the harbors of Massachusetts, and now settled on a cattle ranch in Texas! This wandering heart has travelled far and wide to understand people, culture, and primarily God.  Led to Christ through Mary, I seek to pass on the lessons learned, the knowledge, and the love I have for Him.  Journey with me as I begin to take people on a tour of all that I have found!  Many more books will be following! Feel free to contact me either about my books or for life-coaching services at


From her yes to an angel’s message until her last prayerful breath, the Blessed Mother was the first disciple of Christ, studying Him and learning from Him for thirty years, before Jesus called his first Apostle. Walk with Jesus as he teaches, heals, and ultimately makes the trip to Golgotha, but see it through his mother's eyes. Let us stop to consider this pure mother's heart, her devotion to God, and her example of how to be a good disciple of Christ. Let us learn from the woman who bore and raised our Savior.

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There have been multiple valid apparitions of Our Lady, and she has given us numerous warnings. Fatima, Akita, La Salette, and others.  Further, there have been numerous valid mystics who have spoken to Our Lord and Our Lady, such as Saint Faustina.  Find out the warnings of the chastisements to come, and how we can prevent calamaties by simply turning back to God.  God is a good parent.  He doesn't WANT to punish His children.  It's up to each of us to listen to His voice.

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A Transformative Journey

Readers Favorite review: It is unusual to see faith and science married so well together, but author Donna Silveira shows her readers how well you can balance the Christian faith with a deeper psychological understanding of yourself in order to achieve peace. There’s plenty of information in the volume and the psychological and NLP concepts are correctly used, but also explored in innovative ways in relation to common problems such as poor mental health and bad behaviors in reaction to stress. Whether you believe in the Christian side of the exploration or not, the possession of faith and hope alongside a better sense of yourself and your patterns is an excellent path to follow, and this guide is clear and concise in allowing its readers to learn how to do that. Overall, Personality and Personhood: A Scriptural Guide to Understanding Both delivers a lot more than it promises at first glance, and is well worth a read.