Life Coaching Services

A new service of MyCatholicChat is Life Coaching.  Donna is a certified life coach, who will set individual appointments.  Coaching is not provided in chat, as coaching is a private endeavor.  Your privacy will be maintained with the strictest standards in mind.

Please contact via the coaching line for MyTransitionCoach at 844-842-6224.

MyTransitionCoach, as all things here, are open to people of any and all faiths.  However, it will probably be of more use if you are of a Christian denomination, as part of understanding who we are is the acknowledgement that we are made in God's image.  If interested in life coaching, use the "contact us" item on the menu, with your name, and your email, and we can set up a time to speak directly.

What life coaching is NOT:

Life coaching is NOT therapy, counseling, mentoring, or advice-giving.

What life coaching IS:
MyTransitionCoach, provides a service of purposeful discussion between two people, and accountability.  As a result, individuals become their most authentic positive self, and get what they truly want out of life.

God loves us in every moment. By bringing His love into every moment, placing Christ in the center of the decision making process, together we can help you build a path to finding fulfillment and joy.

MyTransitionCoach, takes a wholistic, whole-person approach. People are comprised of mind, body, and spirit. If we neglect one of these three aspects of our life, then our life will be out of balance.

If you feel like you are "stuck" in life, or are in a life transition, or just need some help in trying to find your way, contact Donna using the "contact us" link above, or visit MyTransitionCoach.