Falling… and getting back up!

Each of us fails.  That’s no secret.   But do we always get back up? 
It’s easy to wallow in self-pity, or get discouraged – but that’s not what we’re meant to do.

Jesus gave us the example.  He fell three times carrying his cross.  He didn’t fall in new and spectacular ways when he fell — he just fell.   The thing is, as badly bruised and broken as he was, he still got back up.

I’ve been gone for awhile, having had surgery, getting back to work, and having numerous responsibilities that I’ve had to attend to…. all of which were clamoring for my attention. 

So i let this go.  I failed.

But today — i resolve to get back on track, to get back up, to just keep going, because I think that this is something that God is asking of me. 

If i’m truly a disciple of Christ, there’s no saying “no”.   There’s only one answer — “yes”. 
I won’t worry about the “how”, or “when” — i’ll just let God lead me.   I’ll just do my part, and turn off the TV, and make myself available. 

Sometimes it seems like that’s all we really have to do — just make ourselves available.  God will take care of the rest.   He’ll show us what we need to do.   We just have to pray, listen, and wait.

Where is God leading you???    Are you available?  Do you hear Him calling?

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