Following the leader.

 Obviously “blogging” is not my forte.   I tend to be so busy with so many things, that I simply forget about the blog.  Updating the website, doing the bible in a year on the discord server,  maintaining the discord chat room, and a thousand other things….  but it’s all part of the plan, i suppose. I try to go where God leads…. but sometimes it seems i’m led in really odd places.  trying to maintain my prayer life is important, too.  It’s really easy to get so enmeshed in all the “things” I’m doing, that I simply forget to pray.   I’ve had more than one night where i’ve said the rosary somewhere between midnight and two AM.  (maybe insomnia’s good for something after all!)  Maybe it’s time for me to shave off some things and focus on others.  That could also be the lesson here.

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