The Rosary — the sword of our faith.

Catholics *used* to be seen with their rosary in hand… it used to be one sign of a Catholic.   Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen “out of fashion”.    I think we need to reconsider what we’re neglecting.

In today’s world, many Catholics, protestants, and even non-religious can see how messed up the world is, and how much we need to change — that was one of Trumps main attractants to people in the US…. getting back to where we USED to be….    I’ll agree on one level.   We need to get back to where we used to be — we need to get back to being a rosary-praying people!    The rosary is a meditation on the entire Gospel and incarnation of Christ.   But if you look at the history of the rosary (one talk on the bible studies page gives a good history of the rosary), you’ll see that this is more than “some devotion”.   When Our Lady appeared in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, she told the children Say the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and the end of the war.”    

She later said,  The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI.” 

Notice the word “IF” ….  think about it.  World War II did NOT have to happen  People just needed to listen, to stop offending God, to go back to confession, to go back to mass, to pray the rosary dail — but people *didn’t* listen.
There are SO many instances of physical victories throughout history — cases where most would have said the situation was hopeless — but those rosary-praying people emerged victorious! 

People need to stop worrying about “looking like old ladies” — and thank GOD for the old ladies that are still praying!!! the rosary combats heresies, defeats enemies, converts hardened sinners to Christ.  Praying the rosary disposes us to receiving grace in the other sacraments!  The sacraments work regardless — but we can either go with a thimble to receive grace, or a rain barrel…  praying the rosary turns our thimble into a rain barrel!

Do you want to kick your spiritual life into overdrive?  Help your marriage? Bring peace into your family?  Get your wayward children straightened out???  Pray the rosary!!!!  Pray the rosary every day!!!!  Pray the rosary with your spouse!!!!  Pray the rosary with your family!!!!

If we all prayed the rosary daily – we really WOULD see the world change!   
(by the way — that’s the ONLY thing that’s going to save the world) 

Our lady promised — “In the end my immaculate heart will triumph“.   Let her lead you to Jesus, her Son, by holding her hand and letting hear lead you through the Gospel by praying the rosary daily. 

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