This Is Your Last Warning: An Authoritative End Of Days Timeline

 Well…. the paperback version of my book just went live. Sometimes it’s difficult to see God’s plan, but I suppose the best we can do is try to respond to whatever God is leading us to do.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time and energy on this…  so now it’s in God’s hands.

It is nice when people review it, and they react positively, although i know that’s not going to be the case all the time.  There is no joy without suffering.  But at least I’ve done my due diligence in getting the word out.  

this is the first post which is live….

the kindle version will be available starting on August 27.

I don’t know if I’ll get the audiobook version finished…  I was trying to record it myself, and it’s unbelievably slow going!  (there are a few French and Latin terms in there…. and I do get rather tongue-tied trying to pronounce some of this stuff). 

God is so good though….   I lost my day-job so that I would have time to finish all this stuff up, and even have time to begin the audiobook recording, since I’m at home now.    I’m sure God will provide my next day-job when I’ve completed what He wants me to complete… (which could very well be the audiobook that I’m struggling with).

We often think that “bad things” are just some form of punishment…. but maybe it’s God’s way of giving us some free time to do something in particular that He’s calling us to do.    Are you listening to what He’s asking of you in whatever situation you find yourself in?

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