What can I do?

Jesus called people to follow him.  What does that mean exactly?   What does that mean for ME?  Ok, two thousand years ago, people wandered around around Galilee with Jesus listening to him teach, right?   That’s what he meant, right? 
Well, not exactly — that’s only partially correct.   Jesus wanted the disciples to follow him… to learn from him… to not only be able to memorize the things he said, but to understand *why* — to have an understanding of God the Father and his relationship to us,  our relationship to God, an understanding of why Jesus did what he did… the meaning of his sacrifice…. understanding the effects of sin… and much much more — so that they could go out and DO.    After the resurrection, in Acts, the apostles ask Jesus if he’s going to set up his kingdom now — now that he conquered death.  What was Jesus’ answer?  basically “Me???  no…. *I’M* not going to establish the kingdom — YOU ARE!” 

He sent the apostles out “in his place” – “as his representatives” – to go baptize all nations… 

Now I don’t have the authority Jesus gave to his apostles — I’m just a “mere disciple”.  But what does that mean?  Women have a particular place in the world, because we have a particular disposition – remember the woman who anointed Jesus with oil before his passion?  Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, wherever this Gospel is preached in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her” (Mt 26: 13; Mk 14: 9)  

Just as one “small sin” can destroy lives without our necessarily being aware of the far-reaching consequences, so one small act of kindness can have immense repercussions and importance!  So what can I do?  I can try to recognize the opportunities that God brings into my life to love, to correct, to teach, to provide emotional support, give financial support, or just pray.   Sometimes it’s a friend going through a rough time.  Sometimes it’s a person who’s confused.  It might be praying for someone, it might be “loaning” (or just giving) twenty dollars to a friend, when they’re a little shy on groceries or gas money and are stressing.  

I don’t have a ton of opportunity to witness or evangelize – i have a lot of commitments to working and helping my family, which is my primary obligation.  But i can chat.  I can write a blog post every now and again.  I can share the fullness of truth of the Catholic church in small ways.  I can witness to the graces I’ve received through the sacraments.  I can do little things. God doesn’t necessarily call us all to “great things” – but if I can be faithful to the little things I think God is calling me to, then that’s all i need to do.

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