What really matters?

Success is a strange thing. As I was younger, I used to think that all this different “stuff” would make me happy. Good job, a house, nice vehicles… Strangely, though, it didn’t. I had seemingly “everything” – but I didn’t have (or much want) a relationship with God. I went through the motions, but honestly felt that truly following God would “cramp my style”. If this sounds like you, let me save you some time… NOTHING that the world tells you that you need to “make you happy” will ACTUALLY make you happy:
  • Not houses – Honestly, you’ll find that you don’t typically live ALL OVER the house, anyway.
  • Not cars – aside from wrecking them, a car is a car, is a car – and gets you from point A to point B.
  • Not money – you can only buy so much junk, before it just becomes “more junk”.
  • Not a lavish lifestyle – you can only be “cool” for so long, till it just becomes *stupid*.
  • Not parties — even parties get old after awhile
As strange as it sounds, Jesus was right when he told his disciples to store up “treasures in heaven”. He said that he came to give us joy and to give it abundantly!
If you truly want to, you can get to know Jesus in the scriptures, get to know him through prayer, and then come to meet him personally in the eucharist! As you walk with him, you’ll find a peace like no other – a peace like nothing this world can offer.
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