What will my legacy be?

As I think about my life, I can look and see all my possessions, that will be left to my children when I die.   However, is I have to ask myself, is this all there is?  Is this all I’ve managed to do with my life?  Is this all I have to give? 

I think my children would tell you that I’ve given them some form of moral compass… even if it isn’t all that I dreamed, necessarily…   I’ve demonstrated to them what it means to be responsible, and faithful, and self-giving.   But even if I hadn’t done any of these things until now, I can recognize that I still have today, and God willing, I’ll have tomorrow.   So what will I do with this time?  What treasures will I be storing up?

I think I’m at the point where I’m far less concerned about the financial things I can achieve – even though I could busy myself with all sorts of financial goals at this point….  I’m certainly not “financially secure”…   But after my many travels in this life, I want to achieve things that will *truly* last.   If i can pray for my children, or for the conversion of sinners, and offer my life in sacrifice on their behalf —  Christ said “there is more rejoicing in heaven over the return of one sinner…”  Having one soul in heaven that wouldn’t be there otherwise is the most glorious achievement I can think of.  I’m nothing spectacular — I’m no great theologian…. I’m not a great saint….  I’m s simple woman.   So what can I do?   What will my legacy be?   I can offer up everything for love of Christ.   Little things…. washing dishes…  praying…. mopping the floor… cooking dinner…. accepting some insult or offense that comes my way, without commenting….   or maybe by making a simple website and blogging my thoughts and my walk with the Lord…. (that last one might be a little egotistical of me to think that this could make a difference, but God can do anything.  So maybe he’ll use this feeble attempt to His Glory).

If everything I do is for love of Christ offered for the salvation of sinners, I will leave a lasting legacy that will surpass anything else I could possibly do with my life!

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