Women Priests….

I address this in my upcoming book, but I just wanted to make a quick mention here… Women priests goes against Christ.  It’s that simple.

 Jesus was a man.
The priest acts “in persona Christi”… (in the person of Christ). 

No offense to the transgender community, but…. yeah… not happening. 

It really is okay to stay in your own lane. That doesn’t mean you’re somehow “diminished” because you can’t do something that someone else does. A fish is no “less” than a bird, which is no “less” than a lion. We all have our areas that we have dominion over, and each is impressive and unique and gives glory to God.

It is envy, plain and simple, that drives this mentality. People seem to think that if they’re excluded from some role or action, that they are somehow “cheated” of living the fullness of life. I wonder if it ever occurred to someone that Mozart was a genius on the piano (or harpsichord in that day, I think).  He didn’t have to be an olympic level swimmer, or be allowed to participate in “sewing circles” for women.  He simply grew that talent that God gave him, to arrive at a level that most others will never achieve.

I wonder if the advocates for women priests ever considered that by focusing on something that you’re NOT allowed to do, you’re distracting yourself from that very thing for which you were created.

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